Reflection: Seventh grade

I expected a degree of academic difficulties going into the seventh grade– that was the understatement of the year and if life was actually a bowl of cherries, this would be the biggest pit of them all.

I came into the year afraid– afraid of that first homework assignment or project that I may or may not finish… and afraid that I wouldn’t know anyone in my classes. That dreaded first day of school turned out to be not as awful as I anticipated but when the work stared piling up i was drowning in poor essays, bombed math tests, and way over due major grade projects. I could see that many of peers that were responsible for the same amount of work i was were doing just fine. Yet there was a period of time when i was grounded for eleven weeks and one day due to grades, yeah… I counted.

Mondays through Thurdays from 4:00 to 5:00pm in the Wildcat lab were the “highlight of my week”… mainly because my teachers weren’t asking me questions I couldn’t answer and my parents weren’t grilling me about my failing grades.For my social however, I found friends this year I could trust with my life this year– I found my family. They make me laugh and cry and remind me to lift my chin up a little when things get hard. Unlike others I eventually  figured out that I probably wouldn’t ever figure it out, …oops?

I know I’ll always remember seventh grade as stressful and time consuming but it’s also the year I found a couple sturdy shoulders I know I can always lean on.  I wish I had advice for the incoming seventh graders but I guess I actually figured out one thing– Everybody is just a little bit different.

Challenge Week 4 and 5: Media and a Memory

If you haven’t been a five year old preschooler obsessed with a little “magic” screen that makes black shapes and if your really talented sometimes a full word, you haven’t lived. That tiny screen with the white knobs on the front, was the “Etch A Sketch”.

Basically if you couldn’t write your name with an Etch A Sketch you weren’t cool. I can vividly remember bringing my Etch A Sketch to preschool every single day, if I was somewhere– so was my Etch- A Sketch. Covered in stickers, glitter and most likely last nights macaroni-and-cheese, it was my rock. It sounds stupid that a chunk of plastic could mean so much to me but as drooling five year old I would spell out words and if the ADD kicked in maybe a flower or two, it was joy–to me. My mom says prying the thing out of my tiny hands became a real issue…oops.

There was something about twisting the little knobs that made me so happy. I played on that thing until one night I remember hearing the sound of a loud crunch while in the living room–like plastic. Guess who left their precious Etch A Sketch sitting on the driveway? And guess who stood there wide-eyed staring at a glittering mess of shattered plastic their dad had just run down. I’m almost positive i didn’t talk to my dad for a week after he “murdered” my Etch A Sketch. I also may or may not call him Satan every time I recall that tragic event. I did NOT want another one, oh no i wanted that one.

Okay so maybe i never got another one but now I remember being the only kid in the kindergarten class who could actually spell out the word kindergarten because i used my Etch A Sketch every minute of every day…magic huh?




Lake Austin

If you want to feel the sun on your face and sand in between your toes, Lake Austin is the place to do it! You can wake surf, bounce around on a tube, or just sit back and relax.

One reason I love the lake is because it’s a place for a place for family and friends to just hang out and have fun. I spend practically all my time in the summer with my friends swimming and wake surfing, It’s a hard place to stay away from in the summer heat! The water is always nice and cold when you want to cool down just hop in!

There’s a lot more to on Lake Austin than just swim or go out on a boat. Tons of people kayak, paddle board, play sand volleyball or just sit and have a picnic with their family and friends. On many holidays and special occasions like the 4th of July they have fireworks over the 360 bridge and barbecues at City Park.

So if you want to have a good time with your friends or anyone you know come down to Lake Austin and find out what real fun is like!


Rain is me, sleeping soundly during the night

Rain is stepping outside and watching water droplets hit my palms

 Rain is lush green leaves soaked from downpour 

 Rain is opening the front door and breathing in damp, sweet smelling air 

 Rain is pressing my hand to the cold panes of glass on my window and watching the drops of rain trickle down as they form puddles on the window seal 

 Rain is walking to the mailbox barefoot as my clothes are drenched

 Rain is when it’s all over and all that’s left is muddy footprints and a crystal clear sky 

 Rain is me, sleeping soundly at night


When I start on question one all I can think of is “When and how am I ever going to finish this?” or “This makes no sense whatsoever” and why do I need to know these things? I’ll stay up all night and wake up early just to try and finish one single assignment if needed. I’ll change the way I’m sitting, the lighting, the noises around me or any of my surrounding just so maybe I could focus.

Although it takes up all my free time the best feeling in the world is knowing you’ve finished all the assignments you have due the next day.


I would go to Maine any time or any day. I would walk through trails in the Mountains and then lay on the beach watching waves crash against moss covered rocks. I love seeing the mountains from the beach, it’s the only place in America where you can do that. Maine has harsh winters but the summers are lovely, it’s never to hot and there’s always a little breeze.

I  couldn’t think of a place more perfect. My dream is to buy one of the hundreds of little islands scattered along the harbor. In the winter I could go skiing twenty minutes from home or play in the snow while on the beach at the same time. There’s just a little charm everywhere you go,  everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Take me back.